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Julie D. from Salt Lake
Julie D.
“I’m one of those people who never wants to have their picture taken because I can’t stand the way I look. I’ll make up any excuse to get out of it. At work, they hired a fellow to take pictures of all the employees to put on the company website. I couldn’t stand the idea so I pretended I was sick that day. Then one day i was complaining to my sister about how I every time I try to lose weight I feel like I’m starving. That’s when she told me about your green coffee extract and sent me the url to your website. I ordered some and immediately started taking them according to the directions. The results have been astounding! I have dropped a total of 54 pounds. To celebrate, I took my kids into a professional photography studio and we had our picture taken together. When I saw the result, I couldn’t help but cry but I can assure you they were happy tears. My kids are really happy too that Mom likes to take pictures now.”

Mindy from Los Angeles


“I can not even begin to explain how impressed I am with your verified green coffee bean extract I ordered from your website. They have worked like some sort of miracle. For about 2 years, I was on one of those strict low carb diets and I was very diligent about following it to a tee. But the most I lost, after yo yoing a lot, was about 20 pounds. I’ve now lost about 50 pounds by taking your product and my husband says I look more sexy now than the day we married.”

Valerie from Lansing

“Last Christmas, my husband got a video camera. He filmed us opening presents and playing in the yard with the children in the snow. When we watched the footage the next day I was mortified at how fat I looked. I knew I was over-weight but I didn’t realize before that just how fat I had gotten. Of course, the in-laws were there and my mother-in-law was not very nice about it. I had heard about your green coffee extract and luckily I had your site bookmarked. I ordered the verified extract last Dec 27 and I’m very proud to say that I had lost so much weight by Valentine’s Day, my husband was asking me to pose for video camera. Even my mother-in-law has complimented me, and trust me, that’s saying something!”

Cassandra from New Orleans


“After researching weight loss methods very extensively online and even reading several research papers on the subject, I determined that the most effective and safest method for weight loss is taking green coffee beans. I did a hard search for the best way to take green coffee and after reading a few different recommendations for your “Green Coffee” extract in forums, I decided to try them and I’ve been using myself as a guinea pig ever since. After 3 months, I am duly impressed with the results to say the least. I have lost 35 pounds and I’m almost down to my target weight. I plan to keep taking your extract to keep the weight off even after I reach my target weight.”

Mark from San Jose

“My wife and I decided a few months ago that we really needed to lose weight for the sake of our health. We are both at least 50 pounds over-weight. I have pre-diabetes and my wife has high blood pressure. Since diabetes and heart disease runs in both my wife’s family and in mine, we know we are more vulnerable to getting these diseases if we’re not careful. For about a year, we had been eating healthier. We didn’t eat much processed food and we are a lot of salads and stir fry vegetables. We both felt better but we hadn’t lost much weight. We found out about your pure extract of green coffee bean and we decided to try it out. We are both losing weight steadily. I’m losing about 3 pounds a week and my wife is losing about 2 pounds a week. We are really impressed with the results so far and our best friends just ordered some of your capsules after we told them how we are losing so much weight.”

Robin from Buffalo

“Your green coffee really works! My best friend and I decided to have a weight loss contest to spur each other on. We have both been trying to lose weight and neither of us have been very successful at doing so. We meet each other at the gym every Friday to weigh in. She was beating the socks off me until I started taking your green coffee. The very first week I took them, I dropped 4 pounds. I have been consistently losing weight ever since. Deb has been begging me to tell her how I’m doing it as she hasn’t lost anywhere near as much for the last 9 weeks. I think I’ll let her sweat it out just long enough for me to win the contest (the winner pays for a trip to NYC) and then I’ll tell her my secret.”

Sandy from Memphis

“I wanted to write and tell you guys thank you so much for totally changing my life. I’ve struggled with a weight problem my entire life. Even when i was a little girl, I was chubby. By high school, I was down right fat. The girls in gym class would poke fun at me because I had such pudgy legs. It was so sad having to go to the prom with my cousin from the next town over and he was embarrassed to be seen with me. When I got to college, it seemed like almost every other girl in the dorm had a boyfriend but no one ever asked me out. I tried almost every diet known but even when I lost some weight, I always seemed to gain it right back. Then about 5 months ago, a co-worker told me about your verified supplement. I ridiculed the idea at first but then as I saw her losing weight every week and I saw how happy she was, I decided to give it a try too. Every time I step on the scale, I can hardly believe how much I’ve lost. The most amazing part is I haven’t really changed anything else, not my diet or anything. I just take the green coffee and the pounds literally melt off. I can actually see the change when I look in the mirror. My face has really thinned out as has the rest of my body. So far, I’ve lost 78 pounds and I look like a totally different person. I am so happy at work, everyone is commenting on it. Then the other day I was asked out by two different guys on the same day. That has never happened to me in my entire life. I bought a new outfit today and I can’t wait for the date tomorrow. The verified green coffee beans are really changing my life.”