Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Ingredients

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find dietary products which consist of natural ingredients in the market. Some manufactures are competing to win customers’ heart. They hold a serious research about how to make effective product for losing the weight. They notice that women with their over-weight problem try over and over to lose their weight. Green Coffee Bean extract might be the best supplement in this case. This product is getting more popular when all women would like to have good looking body. Sexiness can only be obtained with the body without fat. In addition, their sexiness will determine that they will be beautiful women. It is stated as an effective supplement due to Green Coffee Bean Extract ingredients.

Green Tea Cup

One of the most essential ingredients which can be found in Green Coffee Bean Extract is green tea extract. It has been believed that consuming this ingredient will increase the metabolism in the body. As the result, people who consume it will get aid in term of losing their weight problem. This statement is not without any reason. Besides, the reason can be justified scientifically. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that green tea extract is able to give a significant result in increasing energy expenditure. This conclusion is based on the research which has been held before. In addition, great effect on oxidation of fat can be obtained as well using this ingredient.

Some medical experts believe that green tea extract contains caffeine. Actually, it is only a hypothesis. Further experiment shows that there are some properties which have similar effects to caffeine found in this ingredient. Therefore, explaining the benefits of caffeine is similar to elaborate the benefits of these properties. However, the researchers also argue that this ingredient can work alone to increase metabolism. In fact, they state that there is interaction between active ingredients found in green tea extract which promotes enhanced metabolism. Moreover, it is not only promoting increased metabolism but also fat oxidation.

Apple Cider

Another ingredient in Green Coffee Bean Extract is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is helpful to lose the weight as well. This product can be used every day. It has been reported that it is not harmful to consume every day. From such a research, it can be obtained data showing that significant result in losing weight is made by consuming apple Cider Vinegar. Two teaspoon of it with 16 ounces of water will make one’s body sexy. Based on this fact, the researchers know that there is an active ingredient in it. They find the main ingredient which functions as weight loss ingredient is acetic acid.

In 2009, a study held to ensure the effectiveness of acetic acid’s benefit is published. The study involves some samples or subjects with weight problem. When they are treated with consuming acetic acid, their body weight is declining significantly. The treatment is given to the subjects for 12 weeks. This fact shows that it is an affective ingredient to lose the weight. Besides curing weight problem, this ingredient is beneficial for curing waist circumstance, abdominal fat, and triglycerides. The last health problem becomes one of scaring diseases which have to be avoided. Triglycerides can cause bad cholesterol that is extremely dangerous.


Kelp is one of seaweeds that can be the best gift from the sea. The reason is that it is very useful for human. Besides its function as cysts and tumor remover, it is helpful in term of losing the weight as well which is inserted in Green Coffee Bean Extract. In short, benefits for human health can be obtained from this seaweed. Its benefit is based on the fact that some useful and active ingredients are contained in Kelp. Some of them are minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids. Its leaves are used to an ingredient in some medicines.

The ingredient which functions as weight loss substance is iron. The researchers find that a source of iron can be obtained from Kelp. Iron is not only single ingredient which take a responsibility to lose the weight. It is also iodine that is helpful as another weight loss ingredient. Some products containing Kelp supply approximately 150 till 360 mcg. The National Institutes for Health, MedilinePlus has reported that iodine found in Kelp comes in various levels. However, for losing the weight, medical experts suggest to consume not too much iodine. It can be about 150 till 360 mcg every day. Nowadays, there are some products containing Kelp for cooking. Therefore, it doesn’t appear as usual medicine or supplement.

Acai is a palm tree that originally comes from Central and South America. This tree creates reddish-purple berries which have similarity to cranberries and blueberries. Nowadays, it becomes famous due to its nutrition. Medical experts state that it can be used as supplements such as for losing the weight. Nevertheless, it is not original benefit that is obtained by native people in Brazil. They used it for healing skin problems. Besides, they also use its root to treat some health problems for instance diabetes and menstrual pain.

Acai Berries

Acai fruit extract has also another name. Some people call it “superfruit”. This name is given due to the fact that it offers antioxidants ten time more than red grapes. That is why it is considered as super fruit. Besides providing antioxidants, it also delivers fatty acids, amino acids, and fiber. The nutritional profile in this fruit qualifies it as a powerful and essential defense against cancer, heart disease, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and digestive problems. The digestive problems might be related to weight problem. As the result, it can be used as weight loss supplement as well. Some manufacturers suggest it as weight loss promoter as well.

These are some ingredients in Green Coffee Bean Extract. They are the most frequents ingredients contained in weight loss supplement products. Basically, they come with different substances. Even, one might have specific substances which others might not have. Nevertheless, they have similar responsibility to lose the weight. Possible side effects might also occur. It is well-recommended to consult with doctor in advance in order to make sure whether this extract is good for their body or not. Fore more useful articles like this one please visit our blog.