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Let The Science Talk About The Pure Green Coffee Extract:

Before coffee reaches the market, it is treated and roasted and loses its natural health content and nutrients. On the other hand, Green coffee beans are freshly picked coffee beans that retain the original nutrients value, taste as well as aroma. Green coffee beans have greater antioxidant activity. Green coffee bean extract is made from green coffee beans at a temperature of 70°C in the presence of 70 percent ethanol. The whole process takes about 2 hours and the extract is in powder form and is yellowish brown in color.

The Ingredients in the Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green Coffee-Bean Extract is rich in Polyphenols, especially chlorogenic acids like caffeoylquinic acid and dicaffeoylqunic acids. Chlorogenic acid acts as the best antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is also a rich source of hydroycinnamic acids. The extract can be made from the beans of coffea Arabica plant. There are 2 types of coffee-plants namely, Arabica and Robusta and Arabica is of superior quality and has high content of chlorogenic and caffeic acids, both play a huge role in antioxidant activity. However, this extract does not contain cafestrol, a compound that can increase the bad LDL cholesterol level. Extraction process green coffee tree Green coffee-bean extract can be made from raw Arabica coffee bean. Export quality coffee beans can be used for this purpose for stronger coffee extract. For this process, distilled water is used because it does not contain chlorine or other minerals that may sink the properties of this extract. This ensures the optimal taste and aroma of the extract. For 12 ounce of water, 2 ounce of green coffee bean is added and it has to bring to boil. After allowing it to simmer for a few minutes, the pot can be removed from heat. Then the mixture is cooled down and is ready for use. The extract can be taken everyday for better results. Adding honey or sugar can improve the taste of the extract. Initially there may be discoloration of urine and bowel movements but this will subside with regular intake.

Researches Conducted on Green Coffee Bean Extract. Various researches reveal that green coffee bean can help people lose weight in an all-natural and healthy way. Roasted coffee bean may be of superior taste but in this process chlorogenic acid is eliminated. This chlorogenic acid is the main ingredient to stimulate weight loss in an individual. Chlorogenic acid curbs an enzyme called glucose 6 phosphatase that is responsible for sugar formation in the liver. With reduced glucose release into the blood risks of diabetes can be reduced. It is proven in researches across the world that people drinking green coffee have shown significant improvement in losing weight and controlling blood sugar levels. The extract of green coffee beans contains chemical component mixtures like caffeine, tru-gonelline, phenolic acid, chlorogenic acid, amino acid and various other minerals. Benefits of Green coffee bean extract Rich in Antioxidants Green Coffee-Bean extract is known for it antioxidant value and to add to this chlorogenic acid compound is also found that can help neutralize free radicals in the body. The free radicals destroy the cells the promote aging and thereby promises a younger looking skin. The product can slow down aging process and it is a proven fact that it is twice as effective as green tea or grape seeds. Regulates metabolism It boosts the overall energy level or stamina of the body. The major benefit of this is that it can control cell degeneration. It also regulates metabolism and is said to be more effective than green tea. It can boost metabolism as it regulates the glucose absorption process in the body. Reduces risk of heart attack The absence of Cafestrol helps reduce risk of coronary heart disease. Cafestol with kahweol can increase bad cholesterol; since Cafestol is not present in pure green coffee) this risk is reduced. Reduces blood pressure Studies reveal (read more about studies here) that the intake of green coffee-bean extract can lower blood pressure. More the dosage, better the results. Improved blood circulation Research has revealed that green coffee-bean extract can improve human vasoreactvity. The various natural compounds present in the extract are helpful in regulating blood circulation.

Reduces risk of diabetes. Regular intake of this extract helps control the release of glucose into the blood stream after having a sumptuous meal. The presence of chlorogenic acid in the extract blocks sugar storage paving way to depend on stored glucose available in fat deposits. This way it helps burn fat. The extract of green coffee beans benefits sportspersons and bodybuilders who suffer from muscle fatigue, as it burns lipids instead of carbohydrates. It increases the effectiveness of pain killers especially for those taking medication for migraine.

Weight loss benefits. Japanese researchers have revealed that two chemical compounds in theextract can help in weight loss. These two chemicals are Caffeine and Chlorogenic acid. Caffeine pushes release of fatty acids and chlorogenic acid stimulates liver processing. With both these chemical working at full pace weight loss results are high. It cuts on hunger pangs as it acts as a powerful appetite suppressant.

No side effects. It is completely safe to consume and has no negative effects. Though, it is not advised for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, the same goes for yacon extract). The extract is sold in concentration with chlorogenic acid. They are available in pill form and can be used as a weight loss remedy. Coffee bean extract taken in pure form can exhibit desired weight loss results.

Coffee is a universal beverage and if this coffee can produce health benefits, there is no harm in giving it a try. Green coffee-bean extract is safe and is proven scientifically to have some amazing results. Positive results of green coffee bean extract drinkers have gone to prove its effectiveness. With an array of health benefits, green coffee bean is here to stay long. Just like roasted coffee, natural green coffee also has a bitter taste when taken in raw form. Mixing it with honey or sugar is recommended to better the taste. Green coffee-bean extract guarantees improved heart, younger looking skin and better memory.